To Our Customers

It is our constant objective to serve you the finest pancakes and best breakfast available in Roseville and the whole Sacramento area. We strive to give you pleasant, courteous and unobtrusive service. We hope you will consider visiting us in Roseville, CA and trying one of our delicious pancakes, crepes, omelets, waffles, or even lunch food. We also offer gluten-free friendly pancakes, waffles, sandwiches, and more. We use the highest quality ingredients possible, including fresh & local fruit and 93 score butter. We are sure we will “wow” your palette! Don’t settle for sub-standard breakfast. Join us to experience the difference that quality ingredients and quality people will make.

We appreciate your patronage,
Steve & Linda Smith

What Makes Us Unique?

– Our Pancake Batter takes five days to make!
– We serve fresh fruit from local farms.
– Our coffee is a blend designed exclusively for our store.
– Try some of our fresh squeezed orange juice for a change.
– We make our own whipped cream.
– Our lingonberries are imported from Sweden.
– We do not use frozen or liquid eggs, only AA Grade fresh         eggs.
– Our meats are dry-cured and hickory-smoked.
– 93 score butter is the highest grade possible, and we use it!
We feature custom embroidery in our store by Phyllis McGaraghan. Visit her online by clicking here!
The Original Pancake House was founded in 1953 by Les Highet and Erma Hueneke. Drawing upon their many years of experi ence in the culinary field and their comprehensive working knowledge of authentic national and ethnic pancake recipes, they were able to offer without compromise this unique and original menu which has gained national acclaim and remains unchanged to this day. These recipes demand only the very finest of ingredients such a 93 score butter, pure whipping cream, fresh Grade AA eggs, hard wheat unbleached flour, and our sourdough yeast. Old-fashioned sourdough yeast, just like your great grandmother used to use, is used in our many batters. It is grown in our own kitchen from a culture of potatoes, flour, sugar, and activated by a “start of yeast.” This sourdough yeast produces light, airy, fine-textured pancakes. We blend, roast and grind The Original Pancake House Coffee to our exacting specifications to further enhance your meal.

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